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Thank you for visiting the Store area within! To make shopping easier for you, we've closed our previous e-commerce site (The Grand Slam Mall) and moved that operation here. With this change, we've marked down lots of items and placed them in a special Clearance area, plus we've added a set of "grab bags" at prices that are positively crazy! You'll find them, along with three extraordinary books (autographed by the authors), in the Books & Merchandise area.

Of course, we're extremely proud of the poster and calendar we published ourselves. Make sure you check out the updated Touring the Majors Poster® and Calendar by clicking the appropriate icons above!

And when placing your order, please do us (and yourself) a favor when providing the shipping address: don't use only lower-case letters! Capitalize the first letter of your name, your street and city. You are creating a shipping label, and the Postal Service doesn't want your name and address to be in all lower-case letters. It only slows down the processing of your order if that's how you type the information in the order blanks.

And by popular demand, we've established a new online store just for apparel. There you'll find polos and caps embroidered with our logo, and tees and sweatshirts printed with our Touring The Majors poster image. Note that when you place an apparel order there, it is a separate transaction from any books, calendars, CDs or posters you buy here, and will not be shipped together.


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