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Baseball Park Essays

Baseball fans always have a lot to say about their favorite game . . . and about their favorite fields . . . or their favorite characteristics of ballparks . . . or what they would like a park to look like!  Check these out, and e-mail me if you'd like to add your own thoughts on these topics!  All articles and photo essays are by Webmaster Joe Mock unless otherwise noted.

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2015

It was a big year in the world of ballparks, and we summarize the most important stories for you!

The Rooftops at Wrigley

I had a blast helping a 7th grader in Illinois with her project for a "history fair." The topic was a fascinating one: the rooftop seats across the street from Wrigley Field. Read about our exchange.

Getting To All 30 by Rob Wilken

Known to his friends as Ballpark Rob, Rob Wilken flew over 50,000 miles in 2015 so he could visit all 30 MLB parks in a single season. Here is his story.

A comparison of the two parks of the 2015 World Series

Kauffman Stadium made its second straight appearance in the Fall Classic, and Citi Field made its first.

You've Seen HOW Many Ballparks? by Kurt Smith

How many different ballparks have you seen? I bet it's not as many as globe-trotter Brian Moore! The intrepid ballpark-chronicler Kurt Smith chases Moore down to tell his story.

The Sad Demise of Wrigley’s Identity by Kurt Smith

The keen observer of all things ballpark visits Wrigley Field, and he's not pleased with the renovations happening there.

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2014

Here's our year-end summary of the biggest ballpark-related stories of 2014. A lot happened!!

A comparison of the two parks of the 2014 World Series

Our annual "tale of the tape" compares a park that hasn't seen post-season baseball since 1985, and the other is hosting the Fall Classic for the third time in the past five years.

First Look at the New Nashville Ballpark

We were given a tour of the construction site for First Tennessee Park, where the Nashville Sounds will play next year. Check out our photo essay.

Big Leagues Going Deep at the Plate

This is the article I submitted to USA Today Sports Weekly about ballpark concessions. As always happens, they chopped some portions out to make it fit in print. This puts back those omitted sections ... while letting you read this without having to buy a copy of Sports Weekly (although you really should subscribe to it!).

Wrigley at 100

A photo essay containing 30 shots of Wrigley Field on the day when the Cubs celebrated the ballpark's 100th birthday.

Interview with George Will

I interviewed nationally known columnist, TV commentator and author George Will about his just-released book on Wrigley Field for an article in Sports Weekly. I could only use a few quotes from him in that article, but he had so many interesting things to say that I transcribed the conversation for your reading enjoyment.

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2013

Once again, we recap the biggest ballpark stories of the year.

A comparison of the two parks of the 2013 World Series

Our annual "tale of the tape" on the 2013 World Series' two stadiums: Boston's historic treasure Fenway Park and Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

First look at new spring complex for the Cubs

We were given a special tour of the Cubs' new spring training complex as it was nearing completion.

Kurt's Five Most Underrated Ballparks by Kurt Smith

Talented ballpark writer Smith describes the five big-league parks he thinks are the most underrated. Do you agree? Provide a comment under the article.

Remember the Alamodome

San Antonio's Alamodome had hosted Final Fours, the NFL, the NBA, major concerts and more -- but never baseball. That changed when Big League Weekend came to town in March, 2013.

Bye Bye to HoHoKam

Check out the 13 shots in this photo album of the Cubs' final home game at Mesa's HoHoKam Stadium.

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2012

Here's our pictorial review of what made news in 2012, including the parks where we had had to say goodbye.

A comparison of the two parks of the 2012 World Series

Our annual "tale of the tape" on the ballparks of 2012's World Series: San Francisco's beauty by the Bay, AT&T Park, and Detroit's lovely Comerica Park.

Fenway At 100

We had special access to shoot photos of all elements of Fenway Park just so you could see how great the place looks as it celebrates its 100th birthday.

Picking a favorite ballpark by Kurt Smith

Noted ballpark author Smith relates the methodology he used to be able to provide a response when he's asked "What's your favorite ballpark?"

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2011

Here's our pictorial review of what made news in the ballpark world in 2011, including a couple of tragedies at parks

A comparison of the two parks of the 2011 World Series

Our annual "tale of the tape" on this year's Fall Classic ballparks: Rangers Ballpark In Arlington (for the second year in a row) and Busch Stadium

MLB got it wrong

I was in St. Louis to cover Game 6 of the World Series, and hours before the game, MLB postponed it ... even though the game could definitely have been played. This essay discusses why this was a mistake, and how ultimately it put the Cards in the position to win the Series

Ballpark Knowledge by Kurt Smith

Learn the story behind Kurt's decision to create Ballpark E-Guides, as he discovers that it makes a difference when you have a little ballpark knowledge

Jim Thome's 600th HR lights up the night at Comerica

We were there in Detroit when Jim Thome smashed the 600th homer of his career, something only seven other big leaguers had accomplished

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2010

Here's our pictorial review of what made news in the ballpark world in 2010

A comparison of the two parks of the 2010 World Series

Our annual "tale of the tape" on the year's Fall Classic ballparks: Rangers Ballpark In Arlington and AT&T Park

Jay Miller Appreciation Night

A first-class organization honors a first-class exec as he moves up to the Major Leagues

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2009

Here's our annual look at ballpark scenes in the news

A comparison of the two parks of the 2009 World Series

A "tale of the tape" on new Yankee Stadium and Citizens Bank Park

An evening to remember

The Round Rock Express honored fallen hero Mike Coolbaugh

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2008

What made news in the world of ballparks in 2008? You'll find out here!

A comparison of the two parks of the 2008 World Series

A "tale of the tape" on Tropicana Field in St. Pete and Philly's Citizens Bank Park

How 20th century building trends shaped the modern ball field  by Roger Weber

Roger, who penned an article for us a couple of years ago about the overuse of the "retro" look in new ballparks, has provided a well-researched look at how the design and size of parks over the last century affect today's new baseball palaces.

Largest crowd ever

We covered the game with the largest crowd ever to witness a baseball contest: 115,300. It happened at the Los Angeles Coliseum on March 29, 2008, as the Dodgers marked the 50th anniversary of their arrival in LA.

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2007

It's become an annual tradition! Here's what we thought were the biggest ballpark stories of the year, as told in pictures.

A comparison of the two parks of the 2007 World Series

A "tale of the tape" on Boston's Fenway Park and Colorado's Coors Field

Bricktown Showdown

We were there as the championship of Triple-A baseball was decided at Oklahoma City's AT&T Bricktown Ballpark. Check out the photo essay, which features ten shots from the event.

History in Arlington

BASEBALLPARKS.COM was on hand as Sammy Sosa hit the 600th home run of his career, a feat only accomplished by four other players. Our photo essay shows what that evening at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was like.

The 2007 College World Series

Technically, this essay isn't here in BASEBALLPARKS.COM, but it is located in our sister website, Collegeballparks.com. In this article you'll experience what it's like to attend the weeklong madness in Omaha every June -- plus you'll learn valuable tips to make your own visit to the CWS more enjoyable.

The 2007 Caribbean World Series

Nothing in the U.S. compares to the festive, colorful Serie Del Caribe

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2006

We wouldn't let you down! Here's the 2006 edition of our Ballpark Year in Pictures.

A comparison of the two parks of the 2006 World Series

A "tale of the tape" on Detroit's Comerica Park and St. Louis' new Busch Stadium

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2005

Another of our annual looks at the ballparks that made news.

Kauffman Stadium is the most family-friendly anywhere!

Missouri has cornered the market on friendly game-day staffs, with the Cardinals, the Royals and the Texas League's Springfield Cardinals leading the way. See why we think the Royals are the best of all.

Visiting Sacred Ground

Here's a thorough look at the new exhibit on ballparks at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. It's extremely impressive and entertaining!

Ballpark Identity Loss  by Roger Weber

A thought-provoking article by a talented high-school senior. It examines whether all of the "retro" ballparks being built today are too much of a good thing.

The Ballpark Year in Pictures -- 2004

A trip through the ballpark highlights of 2004

Ballpark experience south-of-the border

Photos and a summary of my first pro-baseball game in Mexico

A comparison of the two parks of the 2004 World Series

A "tale of the tape" on Boston's Fenway Park and St. Louis' Busch Stadium

Thorough reviews of newly opened ballparks

See our new page with links to all of our in-depth ballpark reviews!

A comparison of the two parks of the 2003 World Series

A "tale of the tape" on New York's Yankee Stadium and Miami's Pro Player Stadium

Baseball's Tragic Stalemate

A summary of the ridiculous baseball conflict during the summer of 2002, with updates on the aftermath of the agreement

Enron No More

When the Astros removed any sign that their park was once named for Enron, how did it change the look of the stadium?

Consensus Ballpark Ratings  by Ian Taggart

A fascinating look at how various entities rate the parks of the Major Leagues

Ballpark Oddities

Some of the strangest ballpark features you'll ever see

Ten "Must-See" Parks

BASEBALLPARKS.COM's famous list of parks that simply every fan must visit.  Complete with a top ten, a second ten, an honorable mention, and lists from our visitors

Biggest Baseball Park Thrills

Your webmaster's biggest baseball moments

Baseball Park Trends  by Kate Bongiovanni

An interesting article on the way modern-day parks are designed, by a talented journalism student

Commentary on the site for a new Phillies ballpark

The city of Philadelphia made a real mess of picking a site for the Phillies' new stadium. Here are my thoughts on the situation

Mr. Ballparks

I think he wins the award for seeing the most different parks

A Bad Day At The Ballpark

The story of the least fun I've ever had at a baseball game.  The park was to blame.

A Seat with a View

The pro ballparks with the best views

Fields of Dreams 

Ideas for new or remodeled baseball parks from our visitors

Individual approaches to ballpark-visiting

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

A remembrance of the Yankee Clipper, written on the day he died

And check out these "photo essays"